We hold a large stock of over 25,000 off-the-shelf components for the military, aviation and defence industries

Over 25,000 items available off-the-shelf

Our range of Fasteners and Components

We hold a large stock of over 25,000 off-the-shelf items, including:

  • Fasteners to BS, ISO, DIN, ANSI, ASME, NFE, UNI, LN and other international standards.
  • British Standard military and aerospace fasteners (e.g. A262 and A263 series and AGS, AS and SP series, etc.) and British Defence Standard fasteners.
  • US Military Standard and National Aerospace Standard fasteners (e.g. AN, MIL, MS, NAS etc.).
  • NATO part numbers (NSN).

Obviously, there are far too many types of fasteners to list them all, but we stock a wide range of screws (including socket screws and machine screws), bolts, nuts, washers, pins, spacers and pillars, studs, rivets, inserts, circlips etc.

We stock fasteners in several materials, including: stainless steel, steel, brass, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, aluminium, nylon, plastic, red fibre, and nickel alloy bronze.

Typical finishes include: passivation to Def Stan 03-2/3(M) and ISO 16048, chemi-black on stainless steel, iridescent green-khaki zinc, electro-tin, anodise, brass, cadmium, zinc, gold, phosphate & oil, silver, stove painting and self-colour.

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Our Precision Products

Industry Focused Components


Our range of materials includes: Stainless Steel, Corrosion Resistant Steel, Alloy Steel, Spring Steel, High Tensile Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Silver Steel, Brass, Naval Brass, Iron, Beryllium Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium, Nylon, Plastic, Nitrile Rubber, Red Fibre, and Nickel Alloy Bronze. We are also a stockist of CAA approved components, and can supply bespoke parts to your requirements or drawings.


Finishes can be supplied in Anodise, Black Japan, Blue Dye on Cadmium, Blue Dye on Zinc, Brass, Cadmium, Chemi-Black on Stainless Steel, Chromium, Copper, Copper-Nickel, Copper-Tin, Dry Lube, Electro-Tin, Electroless Nickel, Gold, Hot Dip Galvanise, Hot Dip Tin, Iridescent Green-Khaki Zinc, Mechanical Cadmium, Mechanical Zinc, Nickel, Phosphate & Oil, Self Colour, Silver, Stoved Painting, Thermal Black Oxide, Zinc, and Passivation to DEF STAN 03-2/3(M).

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