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Defence Fasteners



Defence Fasteners stock and supply a comprehensive range of threads, including: BA, BSF, BSP, BSW, Metric, Metric Fine, MJ, UN, UNC, UNJC, UNRC, UNF, UNJF and UNRF. All parts are meticulously inspected to their relevant standards, including: ANSI, AS, BS, DEF, DIN, DOD, DTD, EN, ISO, LN, MIL, MS, NAS, NF, PAN and UNI. The company’s management system is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, and all components are released with a Certificate of Conformity.

From the smallest of precision fasteners, for use in satellites and electronic components, through to heavy-duty products, the Aerospace and Defence industries depend upon Defence Fasteners for superior quality and reliability.

Typhoon Fighter Jet, Courtesy of M.O.D.